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Which standard fits best?

Do you want to produce in accordance with the highest international textile standard and guarantee that each step along the supply-chain fulfils social and environmental criteria?

Do you need flexibility in the material composition of your products and at the same time want to communicate your promise in organic cotton?

Do you produce textiles from 100% organic fibres and comply to the strictest norms, especially when referring to social criteria?

Please find below some short descriptions of the several standards:

Certification Process

Please find below some more information regarding the certification process for the textile standards OCS, GOTS und BEST.

    1. First of all, please read carefully through the informational documents of the single standards and check whether your company needs to implement remedies.

    2. Fill in your details in our application form and send it to us, together with a description/table of the flow of goods.

    3. You will receive an offer from us.

    4. After having accepted the offer, you will receive a pre-invoice for payment as well as our certification contract.

    5. After we have received the signed certification contract and the pre-payment has been settled, one of our inspectors will get in touch with you to make an appointment for the audit. Aside from this, you will receive some more documents from us for further audit preparation.

    6. During the audit, your company will be checked regarding the fulfilment of the requirements of the respective standard. All issues which still need to be changed in order to comply with the standards’ requirements will be addressed at the end of the audit in the so-called audit result.

    7. After the audit, you need to submit all agreed corrective actions to the evaluation officer.

    8. As soon as all corrective actions have been closed and the final payment has been settled you will receive your certificate which is valid for 12 months.

     For further details, please check on this document here.

    Transaction Certificates

    For OCS and GOTS certified companies so-called transaction certificates (TCs) are obligatory for all OCS/GOTS purchases. These TCs confirm that the products of the respective lot have been produced according to the respective standard.

    The TC is requested from the supplier at the time of purchase. The supplier sends a TC request to his certification body. Thus, please always ask your supplier for TCs for each delivery. The TCs for all GOTS/OCS purchases will be checked during the annual audit.

    If a client demands a TC from you, you need to send a TC application including all required documents to our TC department: textile-admin@ceres-cert.de. Due to the fact that issuing TCs also means labour costs for CERES, please keep in mind that they involve additional costs.

    Please contact our TC department for details:
    e-mail: textile-admin‎@‎ceres-cert.de
    phone: 0049-741-43861604 (Monday-Thursday 8:30am-12:30am)

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