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Human health implications of organic food and organic agriculture

Rainforest Alliance / SAN Accreditation by IOAS

After several years of hard work, on 10th March 2015 CERES has achieved accreditation by IOAS for certification according to
Rainforest Alliance / Sustainable Agriculture Network Standards.
For the time being, we can offer this service in the countries listed at:

CERES-Team Meeting at Stuttgart

Our recent annual staff meeting and training took place near Stuttgart on the 26th and 27th of November 2014 - this time we had a total of 34 participants all in all. A new record for CERES!

It was a pleasure to welcome and work with all CERES employees based in Germany and again we also had some international guests, as Amelia and Andreea from CERES Romania and Asli from CERES Turkey joined us in the 2 day workshop.

Presentations about the development of specific departements in CERES as well as of the company as a whole were shared and special aspects related with our daily work were analized in work groups.

Furthermore some interesting training sessions completed the official programm. The meeting was topped off by the excellent food and inspiring coffee breaks prepared by our hosts and some funny and exhausting evening activities in sports and on the Christmas market.

Report in "Hechos Cafeteros" Commitee of Coffee Growers - Valle de Cauca (4C ASSOCIATION)

CERES-Team Meeting at Deinsdorf


On the 4th and 5th of December again has taken place our annual staff meeting. This time there where present not only all employees working in Germany, but also two international guests: Asli from Turkey and Yu Weijing from China.

The meeting was marked by several interesting presentations, group work, a lot of important information and a nice get-together in the evening completing in a lovely way another intense and rich year of work in the ever-growing company CERES.

CERES approved by EU Commission as control body for easier import procedures from thrid countries!

On June 20th 2012 the EU Commission has published the list of certifiers being able to offer reduced import procedures for import of organic products from third countries. With Regulation EC 508/2012 CERES has been approved to facilitate this service for numerous countries (from Albania to Vietnam). You will find the countries for which CERES is approved, on pages 25 and 26 of the mentioned Regulation EC 508/2012. The two main implications of this new rule are:

  1. Importers in the EU do no longer need an import license (?authorisation to market in the EU organic products...?) for organic products (except for in-conversion products and wine) from these countries.

  2. In the countries for which CERES is listed, the certifier code number has changed. Instead of XY-BIO-604, the new code number is XY-BIO-140! The XY-BIO-604 from now on is only to be used for products from countries for which CERES is not yet listed, and for which the import license is still required (like in-conversion products and wine)!


Baby Ulrich Findel was born in Papua New Guinea

One of the CERES managers, Ulrich Findel, recently conducted an inspection to a smallholder group in the Papua New Guinea highlands. This beautiful boy was born in Yasubi village during Ulrich's visit. His father is Eto Yusevo Yasoni. In honor to the inspection, the baby has been named Ulrich Findel. Welcome Ulrich!

20. January 2011
Press report "The Organic Standard" concerning PPP

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13. October 2011
CERES develops innovative solutions for group certifications

A new PPP (public private partnership) project with three project partners, CERES, Organic Services and Intact Consult, as well as several interested certification bodies was started in autumn 2010. As part of their role in the partnership, CERES is developing a web-based internal control program that aids the administration of group certifications. The project, supported by DEG, will be completed by the end of 2012.

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15 December 2010
CERES Discontinues Organic Goji Berry Certification in 2011
Considering the disproportional costs, the impossibility to really control the above-mentioned problems and the negative impact on our reputation, CERES has decided to discontinue organic Goji berry certification in 2011.

For further details please see Discontinuing Organic Goji Berry Certification in China.

15 July 2010
CERES has obtained accreditation for certification according to the GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD (GOTS). For further information, please see the accreditation certificate (unofficial English translation) and Brief introduction to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and BEST.

15 July 2010
CERES has obtained accreditation for certification according to the GLOBALGAP standard for Plant Propagation Material (Nurseries). Please see the accreditation certificate (unofficial English translation).

15 June 2010
EU-Commission: Agreement on organic wine standard failed. The expert groups have not been able to agree on rules for organic wine production according to the EU-Regulation on organic farming. Therefore, the previous situation remains in place: Wine can only be labeled as "made from organic grapes". For more details, please see Brief Info Organic Wine.

10 May 2010
New EU Logo in place since 1 July 2010. For further information, please see Brief Information Organic Labelling.

10 May 2010
New Code Numbers for Organic Third Country Certifiers assigned by EU Commission: CERES has been assigned the code ?XY-BIO-604?. ?XY? stands for the respective country code (e.g. CN for China, UG for Uganda, EC for Ecuador, etc.). For further information, please see Brief Information Organic Labelling.

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