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We are deeply saddened that Victor Cruz has passed away in December 2017. Victor was lead inspector and led the CERES Mexico office for many years since it was established in 2005. We have a lost a dear friend and colleague with Victor and he will remain as such in our memories.

CERES has been accredited as certification body for the Fair Wild Standard

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The new TRACES System for Import of Organic Products into the European Union

The European Union requires Certificates of Inspection (COI, also called transaction certificates) for each import of organic products from third countries. Through Regulation (EC) 2016/1842, the European Commission established new rules for improving the traceability of organic products and reducing potential fraud. In the future, COIs will no longer be issued on paper, but electronically through the so called TRACES System. These will be called “e-COI”.

For more details see following links:

CERES Brief Information TRACES

How to use TRACES

EU Comission Regulation (EC) No. 1235/2008

CERES in der Washington Post
// "The labels said "organic."
But these massive imports of corn and soybeans weren't

..."One of the largest inspection agencies, a German company known as Ceres, appears to do rigorous testing. Ceres conducts most of its tests on plant leaves, rather than on fruits, a method that can be more likely to detect pesticide use. Their results from China, as a Ceres official said, were “quite shocking.” Of 232 samples that Ceres tested from the Chinese organic farms, 37 percent showed more than traces of pesticide residue. “This is the reality we are battling with in China,” said Albrecht Benzing of Ceres."

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CERES in the german Media
// Biokaffee aus Äthiopien

Bio-Siegel außer Kontrolle

Dementi zum Pfuschvorwurf


Human health implications of organic food and organic agriculture

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